Maria Watanabe | Fashion Attendant

Maria Watanabe



渋谷、新宿、吉祥寺、立川、原宿表参道 Shibuya, Shinjuku, Kichijoji, Tachikawa, Omotesando Harajuku


4月から学校を卒業してフリーランスで仕事をしているので、へいじつや土日関係なくアテンダントをすることが出来ます。 予定が入っていなければ直前のオファーにも対応できますのでお気軽にオファーしてみてください♪ I work in a freelance after graduating from school, so you can be the attendant regardless of the weekdays and weekends. If there is no I plan if, please feel free to try to offer, I can cope with sudden offer.




・ヘアメイク業界や学校でも女性ばかりで、お客さんでも多くの女性を相手にしているので 女性の「こんなメンズって素敵だよね♪」『こういう男性がすきなんだけどな~』 と言った“オンナの子のツボ”をたくさん押さえています!男性をもっと女性からモテるようにしたいですね♪





I was 6 years old begin to train in a dance and a ballet, jazz dance and a contemporary dance are begun.

It also rises from 18 years old in many stages including a lecturer of a dance.

I went to a dress and its ornaments course by a high school and studied clothes making, a styling and a basis of cloth.
I’d like to set study of hair and make-up to 23 years old, and enters a hair and make-up school.

After graduating, a hair and make-up rise artist is being done by free lance.
I’m doing advertisement photography of a lecturer of the make-up class, a television and an enterprise at a college at present.
I like to makeup and hair and makeup to a friend from the old days, so I chose the school of hair and makeup that I wanted to do the most.
I have confidence what I had nourished the power to seize the color and atmosphere at school.
And even the clothes in which the person has not been picked up until now, I can be cool for you if i choice clothes.
I like to think nice combination of colors every day, I’m also a hair make-up artist. Please trust me about the color matching.
I have been doing hair and makeup.
Customers only women in industry basis at school is also mostly women.
I know a lot of point that women likes man,So men become more cool in my coordination.It is you want to be popular among so for women.
I’m not only the proposal of fashion, I can also propose hairstyle for you.
So please trust me in total,I can be more nice to you.
I have been asked from the acquaintance of the 40’s man, when the attendant is also experience that had you purchase satisfied with shopping a total of 60,000 yen. (Rich shops larger size because the physique was good that way in the sportsman has chose Armani Exchange.The person I was the person who was not interested in fashionable, but I was able to work me be happy♪
So okay person when it was until about 30, 40, 50 years of age other than 20’s.
I will not shy, so I like to talk with people I think it is possible to match even the most kind of person ♪
I am happy if together can be fun shopping ♪
I began to learn the dance from the age of six, start ballet, jazz dance, contemporary dance.
Started a dance instructor from the age of 18, it stands to many of the stage.
I enrolled in the fashion department at the high school, was studying clothes making and styling, the foundation of the fabric.
Admission to the hair make-up school I’d like to study of hair and makeup at the time of the 23-year-old.
After graduation, I have a hair make-up artist in the free lance.
And, I have lecturers and makeup lessons of professional school, television, and corporate ads shooting.
My holiday is often to spend slowly watching a movie or go to the museums and cafes.
I like where there are natural, such as the sea and rivers and mountains.
I like also move the body, playing to go to the park, also well sport or yoga.
A holiday goes to an art museum and a cafe and sees a movie, and there are a lot of things spent slowly.
I’m going out to the city and am working, so a holiday goes to the country as comfortable as possible.
A sea, a river and a mountain like a place with nature.
I also like getting exercise, so I go to a park, play, do yoga and often also play sports.


3時間コース(チャット相談20分&Cafeミーティング約20分+同行約2時間20分) 販売価格(税別)
2時間コース(チャット相談20分&Cafeミーティング約20分+同行約1時間20分) 販売価格(税別)
ヘアカットアテンダント1時間コース(ヘアサロンにてカウンセリング&ヘアカット) 販売価格(税別)



27歳 27 year old
独身 Single
東京都 Tokyo
日本語 Japanese
ヘアメイク専門学生、ダンサー、衣装制作 Hair and makeup professional student, dancer, costume maker
LAMERヘアメイクアップスクール LAMER hair make-up school
都立高校の服飾科卒業したのでコーディネート、パターン、被服製作、衣装デザインなどの基礎を3年間学びました。 ダンスイベントでの衣装制作を振付師さんから個人で依頼を受けて製作し経験が数回あります。 着物モデル(WEB販売サイト)、男性ファッションモデル(所属事務所のプロフィール用として撮影)のヘアメイクを担当させてもらいました。 I was fashion Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan High School. So clothing production, coordination, we learned the basics, such as costume design three years. Experience that was produced in response to a request by the individual the costumes from the choreographer's dance event there several times. I was allowed to be in charge of hair and makeup of the male fashion model (shooting for the profile of the agency) and Kimono model (WEB sales site), .

Q and A

Q1. 育った街は?
聖蹟桜ヶ丘 Tokyo Tama Seiseki Sakuragaoka
Q2. 好きなこと、頑張っていることは?
好きなことと頑張っていることは7歳からやっているクラシックバレエとコンテポラリー、ジャズダンスです。料理も好きで家庭料理からマフィンとかケーキも好きでよく作っています。美肌作りなど美容全般も興味があって好きです。 That I'm working hard and it likes the classical ballet, Konteporari jazz dance. I’ve done from the age of 7. Also made well like also like a muffin and cake from home cooking. Beauty in general, such as beautiful skin making I also like if there is interest.
Q3. よく行く街(ターミナル駅)は?
渋谷、新宿、表参道 Shibuya, Shinjuku, Omotesando
Q4. お気に入りの商業施設は?
新宿ルミネエスト、六本木ヒルズ Shinjuku Lumineesuto, Roppongi Hills
Q5. 好きな食べ物は?
チョコレート、アイス、焼肉、韓国料理全般 Chocolate, ice, grilled meat, Korean food in general
Q6. 好きな飲み物は?
ジンジャーエール、チャイティーラテ  Ginger ale, chai tea latte
Q7. 好きな音楽は?
R&B、東京事変、シェール・ロイド R & B, Tokyo Incidents, Cher Lloyd
Q8. 好きな色は?
ピンク、白、ベージュ、水色、ミントグリーン Pink, white, beige, light blue, mint green
Q9. オシャレだと思う好きな女性有名人は?
オリビア・パレルモ Olivia Palermo
Q10. オシャレだと思う好きな男性有名人は?
伊勢谷友介 Iseya Yusuke
Q11. たばこを吸いますか?
吸いません No
Q12. パンツとスカートの割合は?(男性は革靴とスニーカー)
パンツ4割、スカート6割 Pants 40%, skirts 60%
Q13. 愛用している財布と鞄のブランドは?
財布はPRADA。鞄はマスターピース Wallet that I use is PRADA, bag Masterpiece
Q14. 自分の性格を自己分析すると?
観察力がある。ノンビリ派でマイペース、何事にも好奇心旺盛です。よく笑うので場を和ませるのが得意です。 There are powers of observation. Own pace in a relaxed faction, also has interests in everything. It is good at soothing the place.
Q15. お気に入りのファッションブランドやショップは?
スナイデル、プラダ、リリーブラウン、ディーゼル、マーキューデュオ、ミスティーク、ジルスチュアート、ブルーガール、SEVEN TWELVE THIRTY Sneijder, Prada, Lily Brown, diesel, Ma queue duo, Mystique, Jill Stuart, Blue Girl, SEVEN TWELVE THIRTY
Q16. お気に入りの雑誌は?
Sweet、ar (アール) 、FUDGE、美的 Sweet, ar, FUDGE, aesthetic
Q17. 自分が好きなファッションのスタイルは?
Q18. 男性に勧めるスタイルやブランドは?
タイトでシンプルだが襟とかポケットなどワンポイント凝っている感じが好きです。細見、綺麗目カジュアルがすきです。 I prefer type is simple, but in tight I feel collar, are elaborate one point, such as pocket. Beautiful casual is like.
Q19. 女性に勧めるスタイルやブランドは?
女の子らしさをどこかに取り入れ、毎日違ったスタイルの格好をして街に出ていきたいです。クローゼットの中が黒など暗い色にならないように買い物をしています。 Incorporating the lady somewhere, I want to come out to the streets dressed in different style every day. In the closet have to shop so as not to be a dark color such as black.
Q20. 携帯&タブレット、PCの機種は何を使っている?
0078 0078 0078 0078 0078 0078 0078 0078 0078 0078 0078 0078 0078 0078 0078 0078 0078 0078 0078 0078